LifeQuest is a private, for profit, agency serving Onslow and Carteret counties in North Carolina. We provide services and support to people with Mental Health,
Substance Abuse, and Developmental Disabilities.

Our Philosophy

LifeQuest Disabilities, Inc. believes that all persons with or at risk for a disability has the right to participate in those aspects of life that are most cherished by the community in which they live. This includes making informed choices, living in ordinary family/community housing, working in their community, shopping in the business of their community, using the services that are available in their community and participating in social, recreational, and leisure time activities. Individuals are to be included in relationships in which they experience acceptance , respect and affection and ahve the full citizenship, without being exposed to prejudice or discrimination. We strive for an organizational environment in which decisions are made to advance the interest of those we serve and not those of the organization. We honor staff as key to the organization's success.

LifeQuest Disabilities Services, Inc. is committed to promoting a community of acceptance and caring.

Value Statement

LifeQuest Disabilities, Inc. embraces the guiding princples of investing for results and outcomes, changing attitudes, building parternetships, committing to quality and working on a common goal to assure that there will be access to individualized treatment and recovery. We will do this by treating people with respect and dignity, through services that emphasize hope and optimism, are family and consumer centered, are strength and recovery based, are culturally competent and culturally affirmative. Community values are embraced, consumer involvement is expected, self-determination is respected and support services are designed to meet the needs of the individual. We view mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities services as disciples that are distinct and at the same time need to work together to assure seamless and integrated services to individuals. To view a complete list of our core values please click here.